Expand your professional skills

Qualification in conscious sedation

In this qualification, you will have the opportunity to acquire knowledgeComprehensive information on the conscious sedation technique, focusing on the use of oxidenitroso. The objective is to provide tranquility and calm to the patient, for means of inhaling gases such as oxygen and nitrous oxide. With appropriate combination of these gases, it is possible to increase the pain threshold and offer a more comfortable experience during medical procedures. course consists of face-to-face and online classes, totaling 96 hours of learning. When you complete all the steps, you will receive a certificate certified by FAIPE or Garça Branca college, with recognition from the CFO,proving your legal ability to work with this technique.


Expand your professional skills

Learn advanced techniques to reassure and calm your patients, providing more comfortable and anxiety-free care.

Stand out in the healthcare sector

Expand your range of skills and offer an exceptional service experience, earning recognition and loyalty from your patients.

Recognized and certified training

With a hybrid learning model, you will have access to high-quality in-person and online classes, totaling 96 hours of training.

Excellence in service

Providing quality care is a fundamental obligation of every healthcare professional. However, the real difference lies in the ability to deal with the patient's emotions, overcoming fears, anxieties and insecurities. The ability to control these emotions is essential to establish a trusting relationship, promoting an environment of care and acceptance. By investing in training in conscious sedation, you will be standing out as a professional and demonstrating your commitment to offering excellent service. By applying this technique using nitrous oxide, you will create a safe and comfortable environment, providing a positive experience for patients.



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