Intraoral RX Sensor

The time has come to welcome the DIGITAL era!

The Xpectvision

Xpectvision is the first in the world to apply the latest technologyphoton counting for dentistry, enabling clearer and more accurate imagesshorter time. Images obtained during dental X-ray in real timeare sent directly to the computer, allowing you to redo it as many times as possibleif necessary.

The Xpectvision intraoral sensor uses silica-based chips instead of traditional material (cesium iodide) avoiding image blurring or performance deterioration.

There were more than 500,000 exposures and more than 100,000 bending testscables, guaranteeing performance in different working conditions. So that There is more sensor protection, there are parts that are waterproof and resistantI think that.


The great advantage of owning Xpectvision is entirely linked towork optimization.

Different from the conventional process, in which agents are neededchemicals, greater exposure to radiation and a longer time for revelation, in digital radiography there is no need for chemical agents, the exposure to radiation is much lower and the revelation is digital and immediate.

It is important to emphasize that if the image is not the way you want, it isYou can redo as many times as necessary, as these images are sent immediately to the computer.


Effective image area2.1*2.1cm(S) 2.5*3.0cm(W).

Grayscale≥16 bits (the highest in the industry).

Spatial resolution tested 12-14Lp/mm.

USB/Wireless connection.

3m connection cable (extendable).

Support system: Windows.



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